"Who else wants to learn the secrets to private label rights ebooks that let you make a flood of money from other people's work?"

And even better, how about 11 ways to use your private label ebooks that even the experts don't know about?

Now incorporates 18 ways to make money from PLR articles!

Martin Avis author of 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks'Hi, my name is Martin Avis and I'm about to let you in on a secret.

A secret in plain view

It is a secret that is currently making a select few people great money online, but as it is limited to only a few lucky participants the competition is still very thin on the ground.

What are
Private Label Rights?

Unlike the more common 'Resale Rights' where you buy the rights to resell someone else's ebook exactly as they originally published it, 'Private Label Rights' allow you to change anything about the book that you want to, so that you effectively make it your own work.

Typically, PLR ebooks are supplied as unformatted text or rich text files ready for you to add content to, change the title, and make a unique product out of. You can even put your own name on it as the author.

You may have heard about Private Label Rights before. You may even have picked up a few PLR products here and there. But the truth is that so few people really understand the incredible power of private label rights, and even fewer know how to tap into the enormous potential they offer, that huge piles of money are being left on the table.

Even by the professionals!

Most private label ebooks are supplied through membership websites that limit their membership numbers. Typically, each site restricts its membership to just 500 people.

They do this deliberately to prevent each of their PLR books from being over-used.

But in reality, over-use is hardly a problem! Even if each book was available to 5000 members the sad fact is that barely one person in 50 is likely to do anything with them!

That's why I've written 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks'.

I am one of the few people who does use the private label material that I have access to and not just to create my own ebooks - I've come up with eleven different ways that the PLR files can be used.

And when I realized that a lot of my newsletter subscribers were taking my advice and joining private label membership sites, but had no idea how to start mining the incredible resource that they now had at their fingertips, I knew I had to offer a helping hand.

Born out of real people's questions

'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' began life as a special report that I planned to write for subscribers to my newsletter who had private label ebooks at their disposal.

Before I began writing in earnest, I asked my subscribers to email me any questions that they might have about PLR books specifically, and about the marketing of ebooks in general.

I expected half a dozen or so generic questions, but ended up receiving a flood of emails that were, to a greater or lesser extent asking for help.

It dawned on me that while getting hold of private label materials is easy, knowing what to do with it all to build a rock-solid business is not. The membership sites themselves do offer general advice, but none, as far as I can see, offers a foolproof process that even the greenest newbie can follow.

Let me take you by the hand ...

The common theme that ran through all the emails that my subscribers sent to me was

"There is no one question I can ask that will help me. What I really need is a mentor who will take me by the hand and show me step-by-step how they use private label ebooks to make profits."

Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooksMentoring everyone individually clearly wasn't possible, but what I could do was write down in as much detail as I can the steps I would take to turn a raw private label ebook into a saleable product ... or a tip of the day section of a website ... or a content site ... or any of the many other things that a humble PLR ebook can be turned into.

The special report idea turned out to be a chrysalis that 30,000 words over 119 pages later turned into the butterfly that is 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks'.

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Martin, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your brand new book "Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks".

I found it fascinating reading, and best of all there were plenty of nuggets in there I'd never ever thought of. (I've taken lots of notes)

I know you've aimed it at newbie-marketers, but I think anyone who markets their own products online will definitely benefit from reading this book.

I'm going to thoroughly recommend it to all our members at Niche-Health-Products
Kim Standerline

Martin has done a fantastic job of clearly outlining the steps that you should take to ensure that you get a return from your private label rights (PLR) subscriptions.

This is a godsend if you are a newbie - but, even though I've been online for a few years now - I still found some nuggets that made me look at how I could monetize all that content that I have had sitting for ages on my PC!

If the owners of these PLR sites care about the success of their subscribers at all - they should pay Martin a huge fee to allow them to give away copies of this ebook to their subscribers.

It's about time that somebody actually showed you what to do to get a return on your investment from these sites - rather than just sell you the raw materials.

Also, an excellent and unusual addition are the php scripts included that automate some of the functionality Martin outlines.

Highly recommended. Value for money 5/5. Readability 5/5

Gary Vurnum
Great book Martin! As an Internet marketer myself, I know how to make use of my own written work, but you have given me some brilliant 'outside the box' ideas for using other people's work.

As usual, you have over-delivered, because what started out as a list of these ideas, has ended up with you detailing full book creation and marketing techniques.

Non-techies and newbies will get a rock solid marketing tuition, and the more experienced get some superb new ideas.

Highly recommended!

Gordon Bryan,
The Great Gordino Newsletter
I'm really tight on time today, but I couldn't resist taking a quick look. I have to tell you, I'm going to really rush things today. I can't wait to get back home and print this out for a good read.

I've got another busy day ahead of me. I wish I could cancel it and just get on with all the things you're clearing up for me here.

This is answering so many of my questions.

But, honestly, you have to get a new title! This is SO MUCH more than the title suggests. I love it. THANK YOU

Lu Holland
Martin Avis calls this the definitive guide to Private Label Rights eBooks for the beginner marketer - and he's absolutely right.

A simple, sweet, step-by-step approach leaves little to the imagination and eliminates guesswork altogether. It's a connect-the-dots type guide that you simply read, follow and profit from.

There are some nice twists even experienced marketers can benefit from (like the one on Page 60 that's based on the Chicken Soup series of books), and the answers to the tricky "Who should the author be?" question on Page 68.

Martin has correctly identified his target market (newbies) and does an excellent job explaining how best you can benefit from Private Label Rights ebooks - effectively.

If you're a member of a PLR membership site, or have bought any PLR ebooks, and are looking for a simple way to turn them into cash in the bank, this is the book for you.

Get it. Read it. Follow the steps. And be ready for explosive success.
Easy Niche Profits

I only intended to dip into the book whilst I was waiting for the football to start but I read it straight through and just saw my team's result - luckily good.

Although I knew most of the information in the book, I found it hugely beneficial to see it all laid out so coherently and logically. As his fans already know, Martin is one of the best writers on the Internet and he uses his skill to make a complicated subject accessible to anybody.

Pearson Brown
I printed off and read your ebook from cover-to-cover yesterday and must say that you've done an excellent. It includes an amazing amount of information regarding resale rights and many nuggets that really will help people to achieve success. I particularly liked the section on page page 88 and 89 that answered the question "How to deal with the fact that up to 500 other people can sell the same ebook?". What you say is absolutely true.

Paul Smithson

I loved your book about Private Label Rights. So many people have these resources sitting in files on their computer yet do absolutely nothing with them. You have solved their problem - not only do you provide heaps of innovative ideas for using these books but there're some great ideas and alternative uses that will also make you easy money - and without too much effort. If you are online you should own a copy.

John Falkinder
My name is Cathy Warschaw and Iím the director of the Warschaw Learning Institute. In the last years I have purchased many eBooks but have never been so impressed and have learned so much as from your 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks'.

You are providing me exactly what Iíve been looking for and never could find. I just wanted to thank you and for making it an enjoyable learning experience.

Cathy Warschaw
Warschaw Learning Institute

No more information overload

Anyone who has been interested in Internet marketing for more that five minutes will be familiar with information overload. There is just so much information being thrown your way that it is all too easy to end up doing nothing - not out of laziness, but out of sheer confusion.

But Internet marketing success only comes from taking action.

'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' will help you to take the actions that you need to succeed because it concentrates on exactly what is important. If you follow the process step-by-step, you will not be distracted by the endless flow of conflicting advice that, while well-meaning, almost always throws you off track.

This book takes one way to make money online and shows you in bite-sized steps how to do it well.

What's included?

In a nutshell, I tell you everything that I do to make profits from private label ebooks so that you can take my process and make it your own.

Specifically, 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' is split into five sections:

  Eleven ways to use your private label content that many expert haven't even thought of!

This first part of the book will come as a real eye-opener to 99% of the people who have private label rights ebooks.

It details the eleven ways that I know about to use the private label ebook's content. And only two of those ways involve books!

  Back to basics - the very first steps.

Here we step through the first principles. I said that this book takes you by the hand, and I really meant it!

  Content is King: making ebook stand out from the crowd.

Section 3 is all about content. You may think that private label ebooks provide you with all the content you need, but that's not really the case. While every private label ebook is a compete product on its own, it is usually fairly raw. And, more importantly, it is the same as that owned by every other member of the site you got it from.

This section of 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' shows you in the easiest way possible how to turn your copy of the raw ebook into something really special that will set it far apart from anything that anyone else will produce.

Competition? What competition?

  Look and feel: make your book look a million dollars.

The previous section was all about content. This section is about how your book will look.

  In the end it's all about the sales!

"He who whispers down a well
About the goods he has to sell
Will never reap the golden dollars
Like the man who stands and hollers."

Section five is all about how to sell your unique product. After all, that's what this is all about really, isn't it!

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Tap into a goldmine

There are a growing number of websites around that offer private label ebooks. I personally belong to just four, but between them, those four sites give me access to over 80 PLR ebooks currently with at least a dozen being added each and every month.

What is really good about these sites is that they do all the work for you. They research hot markets. They go and get the ebooks ghost-written (if you did this yourself you could expect to pay up to $1000 for each book). They often provide you with great graphics that are ready to use. Some of the sites even have sales letters written for you.

All you have to do is turn your copy of the PLR ebook into something unique that you can put your own name on if you wish and reap the profits.

Selling just one copy can often cover your costs for a month! And believe me, when you've sold one, you won't stop there!

The whole private label concept is a goldmine that is waiting to be mined. 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' shows you how you can stake your claim to the riches that most people never realize are buried just beneath the surface.

Learn the tricks the professionals use

While 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' is aimed at relative newcomers to the world of Internet marketing, it is not patronizing and is certainly not simplistic. Some of the techniques that are explained are cutting edge tricks and tips that some of the leading professional online marketers are only just getting to grips with.

A real urgency

There are no tricks on this sales page to force you to buy. There are no limited numbers of 'Unlock the Secrets' available, no threats of an imminent price increase, no timers and no restrictions. But even without those gimmicks, there is a real urgency.

Every day that you own a private label ebook and don't use it effectively (if at all) is a day that you are leaving money on the table.

'Unlock the Secrets' will make sure that you squeeze every ounce of value from every PLR ebook in your arsenal.

Each month that you belong to a private label membership site and don't dig your hands into the riches it contains is a month that you waste your subscription fee.

'Unlock the Secrets' will help and guide you to really use the amazing resource you have at your disposal.

Every moment that you allow other people to profit from the books that you already own is money in their pockets that could have been in yours.

'Unlock the Secrets' will show you exactly how you can divert that flow of cash right back to where you most want it to be - by using what you have in the best way that you can.

Every second that you wait to buy 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' is another delay on your route to online success.


'Unlock the Secrets' is priced at just $39. At that price it really doesn't need bonuses to make it more attractive, but there are several unique ones built in. But I'm not going to list them all here for you now.

Unlike many ebooks that offer a whole raft of bonus books that may or may not be relevant, the bonuses in 'Unlock the Secrets' are absolutely intrinsic to the content of the book.

When I explain a technique that professionals use, rather than just telling you to go off and buy someone else's product, I have written PHP scripts that you can use to emulate the effect.

There are three PHP scripts that you can access from within the book that each do something that you could easily pay up to $30 or more for. And I give them to you, along with full instructions, for free.

On top of that there is a link to a special web page where I've listed over 230 online article directories - you'll read why that's important on page 64.

And as if that wasn't enough, you will get my private email address that you can use to get answers to any aspect of the book that isn't clear to you.

Of course, any future updates to 'Unlock the Secrets' or special reports that I product that are relevent to the content (I'm already working on the first one of those) will be free to all purchasers forever.

There can be no doubt that 'Unlock the Secrets' over delivers in spades.

No-Risk Guarantee

As readers of my newsletter Kickstart Today can witness, I have a reputation for straight dealing, so my guarantee to you is just as plain:

If at any time you are unhappy with 'Unlock the Secrets' let me know and I will refund your money. No questions and no quibbles.

Judging from the response that I've had from people who have already read it and started to put its advice into action, I doubt if you will have any problems, but if you do, just let me know.

No more confusion

'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' removes all the confusion that surrounds private label marketing. It takes a simple step-by-step approach to outline everything you need to do, from first principles to professional strategies to make profits from other people's work.

While I don't claim that this is the lazy person's route to riches - even if such a thing actually exists - it comes pretty close

Don't wait any longer to unlock the secrets that can put money in your pocket - order 'Unlock the Secrets' right now ...

... at just $39 it is the cheapest mentoring program you'll ever find!

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Here's to all of our online profits!

Martin Avis.

P.S. If you are already an experienced PLR marketer there will be things in 'Unlock the Secrets' that will help you, but this is a book that is primarily aimed at people who are relatively new to this lucrative field of ebook marketing. For those people it is truly a 'mentor in a book' to help propel their fledgling businesses into full flight.



businesses into full flight.